A nasty marketing technique to beware of (update)

Most internet-savvy consumers rely on feedback from other consumers when they make purchasing decisions. Product reviews and discussion forums are valuable resources for consumers to discuss and share their personal experiences with products, and also to pass along valuable tips about how to use products and find good places to purchase certain products. Unfortunately, some unethical businesses have figured out ways to mis-use these tools in order to market their products.

One method these companies use is to infiltrate forums, and this is the case with RU58841 market. They open accounts and pretend to be real users of a product, and post fake accounts of their “experiences” with products, naturally highlighting all of the good things about the product they sell and slamming the competition. Now, there is nothing wrong with a company opening an account under their own name, and openly discussing products on a forum-in fact, that is a great way for companies to get feedback and provide information to consumers. However, when they pretend to be people they aren’t and make up experiences that never happened, well, most of us call that “lying.”

Unfortunately, many hairloss specialized forums have been infiltrated and distorted by companies such as the one that owns Kaneshop and Anageninc (Anageninc is not an incorporated company. Need for reference ? just ask them and check by yourself if they can send you their company info and adress: they will not since they are not registered. The “inc” at the end of “anagen” is just another strategy to win trust and mislead the consumers).  Some forum users think that as long as they are suspicious about new users that post lengthy experiences with a product they are safe, but on some of the forums there are long-term, senior members who don’t actually “exist” and who post false information in order to boost sales from particular companies. For example, swooping on baldtruthtalk.com.

Update : Swooping name is actually Damian Piskorek. He is the actual co-owner at kaneshop / anageninc and also the new clone company chemyo. More info on this topic here: Can we trust forum members advices ?


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  1. Eric MacDonnell | 10 July 2016 at 4 h 51 min | Reply

    Hey, looking for feedback, do you guys have any reviews of AARC Chems RU58841, I have heard good things but don’t mind hearing from an independent person.

  2. Hi Eric,

    Yes AARC Chems looks legit to us. We believe only in powder form and strongly advised you to read our article about RU58841 stability : We suggest to avoid the pre made solution.

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