Can we trust forum members advices ?

There is an interesting point. The president Kevin Rands, wrote us :

“Your site says “swooping” doesn’t actually exist. Yes he does. His name is Damian and I’ve been corresponding with the guy on skype for months. He has zero connection to the company you are talking about, and didn’t even mention them for 6 months after we started talking. We talk almost daily online about other things, mostly related to hair transplants.”

Alright ! His name is indeed Damian, and his full name is Damian Piskorek. He is the owner (or co-owner ?) for the new clone company Chemyo. You can verify it online here

Yet, another interesting point from the Kevin Rands email is that they did not speak about anageninc / kanehsop for months… Sure ! Now they did open chemyo website wich is a pure magento shop clone of anageninc and kaneshop.

Also, another blog opened : and what you can see here is another connexion : chemyo / anageninc / kane of course !

ru58841 nasty marketing

Chemyo / Anageninc and kaneshop are clones

So are people like swooping (or just “swoop” on hairlosstalk), and others talking about ru58841 and giving advices to others to buy at their shop from an hidden manner legit ?

Sure they are not.



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