RU58841 guide

Preparing RU58841 For Use

If you’ve decided to join the many men who are fighting hair loss with RU58841, the next step is to prepare the agent for use.

Selecting a Carrier

Pure RU58841 is sold as a white powder. It has to be dissolved in a solvent before being applied to the scalp. Most men have the best results when they combine RU58841 treatments with minoxidil treatments. Therefore, one alternative is to use a solution of minoxidil to dissolve the RU58841. The combined solution allows for an easy one-step application. Others prefer to dissolve the RU58841 in a special solvent called K&B Solutions Carrier, and then either apply the minoxidil separately or forego its use altogether. Remember that K&B Solutions Carrier should be refrigerated after receipt. Solutions of RU58841 are generally stable for about 6 months after preparation.

Mixing with K&B Solutions Carrier

To prepare a 5% solution of RU58841, buy a 50 ml bottle of the solvent. Measure out 2.5 grams of RU58841 powder and pour into the bottle and shake as described above.

Mixing with Minoxidil

Purchase a 60 ml bottle of minoxidil. To make a 5% solution, measure out 3 grams of RU58841 powder and pour into the minoxidil using a spoon, funnel, or paper (see below). Shake the bottle gently for about 5 minutes until the powder completely dissolves.

Measuring RU58841

RU58841 is sold as a white powder in various amounts. The most accurate way to measure RU58841 is to purchase a kitchen scale. Alternatively, you can simply purchase only the exact quantity of powder that you need for your chosen recipe. For example, if you are planning to mix 3 grams into 60 ml of minoxidil, purchase a 3-gram package. If you’d rather buy a larger package and only use part of it, you can use common sense to estimate the proper amount of powder to use. For example, if your recipe calls for 2.5 grams and you have a 5-gram package, just use half of the powder.

Transferring RU58841

In laboratories, powders are often weighed on a small square of paper that is then creased or folded to form a funnel to allow careful transfer of all of the powder into the solvent. A small piece of waxed paper can be used at home for this purpose. Alternatively, a clean, dry spoon or small plastic funnel can be used to carefully transfer all of the powder into the solvent.

Pre-Made Solutions

Many ask, why bother mixing up your own solution when you can purchase pre-made solutions? Some people do have success with the pre-mixed solutions, but with the pre-mixed solutions it is buyer beware. The purity, quality, and concentration of the RU58841 is not guaranteed. Many pre-mixed solutions do not even indicate what solvent has been used to prepare the solution or how fresh the solution is.

RU58841 Result / Success

Once you begin using RU58841 regularly, keep in mind that results will not be seen immediately. It usually takes 4 to 6 months for RU58841 to stop hair loss. If minoxidil is also being used to help stimulate hair regrowth, again, it takes 4 to 6 months for noticeable results to occur. Regular use of a quality, fresh product at the correct concentration will yield results, just not overnight.

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  1. Where can I reliably buy the RU and vehicle?

  2. Hi i notice you say that the kane shop or anagenic which is part of the same company there premixed ru which can be in kb solution is not reliable.
    There is another us company which also sell premixed ru do you think that would be ok to use.

    • admin | 1 January 2017 at 15 h 51 min | Reply

      Hi David,

      Actually, for the moment we only recommend to mix RU58441 yourself. There is too much concern about the stability and also the trust about the real % they apply in their bottles…

      This is why we only do recomend at this moment We have really good feedback about them and they have clearly the best prices / g

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